Hey curious visitors! Brand new tarots will soon be posted this week!
Aaand, I hope you like the new makeover i did for the website:)
So many new subscribers, oh my god! I didn't expect my deck to get recognised like this. I'm really sorry if I haven't answered all the messages - but just so you know, it motivates me every day to continue. I started this as a journey for myself, but now I want to finish it for you.
Each card is its own artwork that requires a lot of time and effort. It's true that I'm close to having drawn almost all of them, but they need finishing touches and so on. I'm cursed by being a perfectionist :')
All the cards have been channeled in a special way from various places I've seen. I know the wait will be worthwhile, and for the time it takes, the deck requires it. I want to make the best deck that I could possibly do.
You can look forward to more active posting of new artworks.


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