1. December 2020 update

Hello all!
The response for this deck is absolutely insane, everyday I get messages and new subscribers. I can't help but feel guilty for this taking so much time. I'm an extreme perfectionist and love detailing. I try to let go, but I can see how much of an improvement time gives these artworks. Lately, I just disappeared from social media and are ONLY focusing on drawing. No photography, other projects, just drawing.
It doesn't help that I'm shy to answer all comments, just know that I'm always working on this deck. Right now I am drawing King of Coins, the last one of the suit!
For now I'm not planning on posting more, (maybe I will). The rest will have to be a surprise when you can actually buy this.

I have 9 tarots to finish now.


After I have all drawn, I'm gonna touch up some which don't take nearly as much time as creating a new drawing. I know where to print them in good quality, and they will be shipping to as many countries as I can possibly do from Norway.

Thank you for the interest, I'm so proud that many of you are feeling the Dreamwalker tarot deck.

It is gonna be worth the wait, and I have so many ideas for videos.
I'm gonna explain how to read tarots, what they each mean, what is different about this deck than other decks, and so on. It is so much easier to do tarot reading than one might think, because it is very personal and intuitive.
However, it is also my intention for artlovers to buy this as a collectible.

One thing to look forward to, if you're already here and have to wait: the first buyers will get the exclusive first edition deck which will have a small little mark on the cards to prove that. More info on that later. You, that have been patient for so long, deserve something special.

Much love from Noctique



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