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Why the name is Dreamwalker
The dreamworld is a bizarre and fascinating place. It reveals a different kind of truth, sometimes explained in metaphors drawn from our realities. I sometimes see people describe the cards as eerie, and I can understand why they may have that effect. I have extracted a lot of the inspiration from my subconscious (like my dreams), and I might communicate on a deeper level because of that. Exploring the subconscious is like diving into black water, I don't know what's there but I'm curious to find the answers. I know these beings can seem frightening, but if you look closer they are just different from us. A being can appear frightening as a shield because it needs to ward off bad omens. There is power to a sharp sword - a sign of protection, or an intense glare that says 'I'm awake'. There is beauty in the hidden and mysterious. An elegant swan that swims and dances gracefully with its soulmate, or a grim vulture that scavenges for carcasses. Look how different they appear! I believe the environment that shapes our appearance tells the story better than the appearances alone.

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