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Element: Fire
Crystals: Amethyst and fire opal
Keywords: New inspiration, visions, creativity


A two-headed dragon hangs on to the levitating wand above a cluster of amethysts. The dragon is very young and it's siblings are still in the eggs. Your ideas are abit chaotic now and it will come even more, so you need to organize it into something more substantial.This suit's element is fire, the action-driven force of the four. The purple is for magic representing creativity. Time to bring your epic idea to life!
The planet to the left is Mercury and the moon is Genymede.


Element: Earth

The aces represents a new beginning and new inspirations.  Coins, also known as pentacles in tarot, represents the element earth and symbolise the matter of the material world.

Four of Coins
Element: Earth
Crystals: Staurolyte/fairy cross and rose quartz
Keywords: Security, material wealth, possession, obsession

The owl sits comfortably in a house made of glass. Inside there's a small lush garden, and a snake is lurking - tempted to find more coins. The owl is hugging one of his coins tightly to its chest. He watches the world and the opportunities but he does not want to spend his precious treasure. This card is somewhat positive because it reveals a good future financially. But, do you have trouble of letting go? Romantically, it might be someone you might have a slight obsession about.
With combination of other cards, for example Six of Cups, you might have trouble of letting go of the past. With Two of Swords this can mean someone is controlling you or viewing you as a trophy.
Take some chances and you might be surprised at what opportunities comes up.