I'm gonna start from the beginning. I grew up being very close to nature in Norway. It's important because it has shaped who I am and impacted my artwork greatly. Where I grew up there are small hills,  and over the hill we had a little passage through the trees that lead to the ponds. They are big enough to have fish in it. We used to swim there in the summer, and ski during the winter when everything was frozen. Just looking at the pictures takes me right back there, like when I used to have certain spots I jumped in the water from, when me and my friends went to play in the forests. The pictures under are from that place!  :)

One to visit me often in my dreams is this white lion by the enchanted pond. It's a great protector. This is a drawing I did of the lion.

I went often to our cabin in Hvaler which is at the coastline. There are millions of isles and small islands there - and I loved exploring with my little boat with a good ol' Yamaha motor that weren't fast but it got me where I wanted. Loved it. My imagination created stories to the places i visited, and I wrote them down and drew them when I came back.

I started being creative early on and drawing was a thing I got alot of attention about. I wasn't particularly popular in school, but people wanted me to make them drawings (or trade them rare Pokemon's I got - I have a big brother who was abit better at the games than us younger were. The linkcable era was fantastic.) You'd always see me lost in games or making something and it gave me a sense of confidence and identity. I dreamed of other planets, aliens, dragons, but there was also a darkness that haunted me. I've experienced sleep paralysis on a regular basis as long as I can remember and I've learned to make amends with all the things I see during this state. All these ingredients of me are in my artworks. They are good friends, magical spirits and dark beings that may not be evil - just misunderstood trying to connect.  I find the same amount of connection to these worlds and beings as i do to humans. And all my time spent in nature and games has a presence my artstyle.

I've had exhibitions in Oslo and London, I've done photoshoots for bands, travelled as a photographer for festivals (mostly in the metal-genre), made music-videos, I've modelled for Elvenstar Jewerly and their elvish circlets and other, I studied Fine Arts in several places including universities in Norway and England.
To see some of my artwork, click the Art Gallery, or here for the Dreamwalker Tarot.

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