Element: Fire
Zodiac sign: Aries
Healing Crystals: Solar plexus chakra stones like amber, tiger's eye and citrine
Keywords: Authority, leadership, law and order, discipline.

The Emperor takes on hard decisions easily with sheer confidence. His domination lays in his mind, not the heart. If this card shows up in your life, it's sending you a unmistakable signal. You need to make a hard decision, and discipline yourself. Create boundaries for yourself, and don't let anyone dare trying to knock you off your throne. Stand your ground, and outsmart anyone who tries silly mindgames. Be smitten by The Emperor's power to believe in yourself, you deserve respect, and wave coldly goodbye to those who don't play by your rules. 

Element: Fire
Zodiac sign: Leo
Healing Crystals: Pyrite and labradorite
Keywords: Confidence, inner control, endurance

She has tamed the king of beasts. Not only has she conqoured herself, but her expression reveals no fear of the savage and wild. She is controlling it. This card is enforced by the sun. The hottest suns/stars are blue in colour and shines the brightest. An eclipse in the background represents a balance between darkness and light. A surpreme combination would be Strength with the The Tower. then you are good to go with your big gamble wether for love or games.