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Here you will be able to read deep into the tarot cards and their meaning.

I base my own cards in the Raider-Waite deck, so the symbolism and meaning is universal and this guide fits with the common meaning.

The rules of tarot

The rule is that there is no rules, really. Discover your own journey, and what makes sense to you. This will be a guide and a preperation, and then you can explore on your own.

One thing i truly believe in is our inner intuition. This is used alot in tarot reading. So the rule that you can never buy your own tarot deck, it has to be given, well... If you are gonna use the cards, why not choose the one that speaks to you? It so very personal, and an investent too.
I may have an ego and cultivate freedom, (I'm an aquarius:)) but i truly believe it's for the best to choose the tarot that you like rather than wait for someone to choose a random for you.
If your here because you like the Dreamwalker Tarot deck, you probably will like this guide too.


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