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Snazzy GIF's

So I made some GIF's.... This was certainly a journey into a rabbithole. I just couldn't stop myself from making more and see what happens. It started with the idea for subtle animation on the DreamWalker logo with only the stars twitching. ​I love making animation! I used to create little movies with Movie Maker where i drew simple pictures and put them together. Oh, have you ever played Yoshi's Island on the Super Nintendo? I remember the game layout were completely new to me, the simple graphic style that worked so well. I was definitely inspired by that art-style when I made these.

Then, why not add a GIF for the Gallery page as well? I enter further into the abyss of GIF making... I had no idea what I was doing. I literally just draw loads of frames and hoped for the best when i uploaded this to a GIF maker. Instead of three simple frames like the logo, this was going to be more complicated. I honestly were really surprised that it flowed so well.

Noctink...get it? This is the last one I made. I stepped up my game by adding the candle animation steady with the rest of the animation. The candle had three animation in a certain order, so every frame had to have the right candle in it. If I messed up I couldn't do much about it, but with intense focus I got it right.

I will sure be making more of these in the future. I have some plans for designs. Graphic art (simplistic representation) has never been my strong suit, which can be ironic since you'd think intense detailing would be more difficult to do. In graphic art, You can't hide behind impressive detailing - because here very simple shape needs to work and balance each other. There's definitely techniques and rules and I learned along the way here. But now I will go back to my comfort-zone that is surrealistic and romantic art. If you want to try what I did, get some photo's ready and google "" and it's very simple from there on.


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