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The dreamy and dark music I love

I get questions of what music I listen to while drawing. Truthfully, the first 30 minutes of making a drawing is crucial. The base will decide everything, so quietness while sketching is the only way. Because while getting ideas I need to channel something deep within myself, music kind of directs me to other paths. After that the soul has been captured though, music won't get in the way anymore. From then I love listen to music when I work. I should make a Spotify list and publish it because I listen to so many different artists, composers and bands, but in this blog I picked three of my favourite bands that are so close to home for me....Sigur Rós, Evanescence and Radiohead.

Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós are definitly one of my favourite bands. I've listened to it since the single Glósóli came out in 2005. I was mesmerized by the music video and the scary guitar sounds...and i patently waited for the band's song to appear, then I searched for it on the internet and fell in love with their music. Sigur Rós - Í Gær

Sigur Rós - Brennistein​

Sigur Rós - Von

There is two versions of this, the first old one from the album "Von" (1997) and another one with violins from "Hvarf" (2007). This is the old version 1997. I love the icelandic language and this is such a beautiful song that gives me so many nostalgic good feelings.


Radiohead is such a treasure. Thom Yorke releases his anxiety in such a beautiful way in music. It's like having a awful terryfing room in yourself that you can never get rid off, so why not decorating it to look beautiful...That's what Radiohead's music is for me. Radiohead - How to dissappear completely

This is my all time favourite song of Radiohead. The end totally lifts my spirit away into the clouds. His voice is truly etheral...

Radiohead - Idiotique

Ever experienced being afraid of nuclear wars? Paranoia from conspiricies? This is the song that explains that feeling incredibly well.

Radiohead - Burning the Witch

A newer song. Awesome musicvideo, too. This song has a dark meaning, but it's uplifting in a way too. After all these years, Radiohead still got the magic.

Radiohead - Karma police

The most romantic song I know of. Listening to this song is like falling in love... 'for a minute there i lost myself' ❤


Oh my...I think Evanescence's music has had a big impact on me because I've been listened to them religously since I was 12. I do love her hidden songs the most, and you wouldn't believe how many of us who are a tiny bit obsessed with her old 'secret' songs from the 90's...they are so etheral and pure. Not only have she done three albums before Fallen, it exists tons of of singles out that didn't make any albums. Check out all the inreleased songs: Amy Lee said in an interview she dosen't even remember some of those songs back then which is crazy to me, those songs are masterworks in my opinion...When she is in control of the compositions of the music, it is brilliant! I really liked Ben Moody's guitar and writing too, and David Hodges influenced the music as well. Those three made such good music together back in the day. Amy Lee has inspired me as a person too. Remember back then in the early 2000's we had popstars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguleira ruled (nothing against them), Amy Lee was about the talent for writing her own songs and a unique gothic style. Before they signed the contract for Fallen, they wanted a guy to sing on the album because they didn't believe Amy Lee would create success. How they were wrong! Amy Lee and the band said no and waited them out. They eventually compromised that a guy had to sing in the chorus of "Bring me to life" and she they agreed, so they had to find the best guy for the job... I really like her music because it's haunting, spooky, longing, romantic and beautiful. Evanescence - The End A beautiful musical being in a room full of ghosts.

Evanescence - Before the dawn

Evanescence - Together again

Evanescence - Solitude

Evanescence - Exodus

I love the last words she sings at the end of the song. I always imagen her singing while floating away like a ghost.

Evanescence - Even in death (2016)

A concert from 1999 at Vino's bar If you didn't know about this show, you are in for a shock. I can't believe how different she was here, abit shy on a tiny stage in a small town. People did not know what they would be one day...

Forndom - Svitjord

I had to include this one, as I've listened to this one on repeat so many times while drawing. Norse and shamanic music...

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